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She stooped to clean...and conquer!

Arlete Turturro enjoyed the good, natural life growing up in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil.  In the summer of 1960, her family moved to New York City.  It took her years, but Arlete conquered the language barrier and after high school headed to the Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in merchandising.  It was then off to B. Altman's department store on 5th Avenue where she quickly rose through the ranks.  At 23, she became the buyer of the bridal department.  

Arlete left B. Altman's in 1975 when her first daughter was born and continued her education at Queens College to obtain her Real Estate License.  After her second daughter was born in 1977, she became a commercial broker with McDonalds and CVS drug stores.

In 1987, Arlete moved to Westchester County, New York and got a job with the Liverzani Group in Armonk, New York as a  marketing representative and then marketing director of the real estate development firm.  One of her tasks was to hire and manage cleaning companies for the buildings the firm managed.  She realized that these kinds of companies required more elbow grease than capital and figured it was something she could handle.  So, in 1987, while still working for Liverzani, she started Night Owl Cleaning Service.  Her first client was a surveyor’s office.  Then, solely through word-of-mouth, she gained more clients.  It was three years of working by herself before she hired her first employee.  

Arlete battled age discrimination and gender discrimination but was determined to prevail.  In 1991, she incorporated Night Owl and since it has been growing and growing.  In 2004, Arlete was inducted into the Westchester County Business Hall of Fame as the recipient of the "Westchester County's Women in Business Success Award." 







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